Powerful Productivity & Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs (who are also moms)

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You don't have to Sacrifice to grow your business, let's show you how:

- Do you start every day wondering how will you fit in all the things you have to do in your 24hours?
- Are you tired of your family seeing your business (laptop or phone) as the "common enemy"?
- Do you feel like you have all these great or innovative ideas for growing your business and you just wished you had the time to implement them?
- Do you see other moms, rocking their business and family life and wondering "how does she do it"?
- Do you feel like you are working non-stop and you are tired and burning out?
- Have you tried so many planners, apps, sticky notes, routines, scheduling and nothing seems to work because you crave some structure in your business and family life?

Harness your Power over time, so that you can enjoy your business and family

I take years of learning from thought leaders and training moms to help you manage your time, grow your profits and live your best life without sacrificing sleep, your dreams and your family time.
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Hi, I'm Nike

I'm a Productivity and Time management expert, entrepreneur and a mom of two beautiful girls.
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