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There is never a Perfect day or Time  to take care of yourself –


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Being a mom is one of the sweetest job in the world and yet one of the hardest jobs in the world – it is the only job in the world where you give all of YOU!!!


Amazing right, from cleaning to caring to refereeing to cooking to doing the laundry to driving to counselling to mentoring, you name it…On a regular day, you play an averahge of five roles in a day. Check out my previous post on Stay At Home Moms are CEOS (this post highlights some of the roles we occupy and the estimated salary!).


Anyways, with all these Motherhood duties and responsibilities, most of the time, we forget the most  important factor of Motherhood – YOU!!! The “You” is very important to how great of  a mom you are or not – So why do you forget or feel guilty when you are taking care of YOU!!!


You not only deserve to care for yourself, you NEED TO! – it is a necessity.

You need to re-energize, relax, reset and be ready to take on the next “Motherhood” challenge (that will definitely come your way!).


Okay, moms, I know you want to really care for yourself but you run out of ideas or you are misinformed as to what self care is all about.

Here are 101 list of Self care ideas for Moms (So you don’t have an excuse 😉):

  1. Sit down and have lunch on your own.
  2. Treat yourself to your favorite dessert.
  3. Binge watch one of your favorite shows/series alone or with a friend
  4. Chat with your friend (the one that always make you laugh)
  5. Decide to not give in to Mom-Guilt
  6. Make yourself priority on your To do list
  7. Buy yourself something that makes you smile e.g flowers or candles.
  8. Sit outside to watch the sunset
  9. Watch the sunrise and relish the moment.
  10. Splurge – Buy that special item!
  11. Day Dream.
  12. Exercise.
  13. Take a nap during the day
  14. Read a book or magazine (in peace)
  15. Go to bed early.
  16. Be very present in every moment
  17. Ask for help.
  18. Try something new – Take a fitness, dancing, crafts or art class
  19. Do absolutely nothing
  20. Take a nice long bubble bath.
  21. Get your hair done
  22. Get a new hairstyle
  23. Getaway to somewhere nice by yourself or with your girlfriends..
  24. Create a gratitude list every morning
  25. Set goals for yourself (Not for the family, set personal goals)
  26. Go window shopping.
  27. Get a massage
  28. Stay Longer in the Shower
  29. Buy that special item that you normally wouldn’t buy for yourself
  30. Go for a Long Drive
  31. Sit still either in a park  or patio or by a creek/ocean
  32. Turn off your social media for a day
  33. Deal with negative self talk
  34. Go through family pictures or family home videos
  35. Take a day for yourself – and do something nice with that day
  36. Hug your children
  37. Eat ice-cream or any dessert without feeling guilty
  38. Snuggle under a blanket all day
  39. Have your favorite drink; in your favourite spot
  40. Put on some good music and dance
  41. Forgive yourself, Forgive someone else
  42. Journal
  43. Clean out your cupboards (if you enjoy doing such things)
  44. Get someone else to make you dinner
  45. Reminisce!
  46. Create a spot for yourself in the house (A spot just for you only)
  47. Get someone else to clean the house or do the laundry
  48. Dress up
  49. Meditate
  50. Eat your breakfast in bed
  51. Plan a pizza – movie night with friends
  52. Do your annual checkup
  53. Listen to what you really want to do
  54. Take lots of deep breaths during the day
  55. Get a manicure or pedicure
  56. Laugh out loud
  57. Light a scented candle
  58. Pray
  59. Sit down and Look at the clouds
  60. Stretch
  61. Go swimming
  62. Make a new friend (it could be a mom-friend)
  63. Bake
  64. Decorate your home
  65. Read an inspirational blog
  66. Eat mindfully
  67. Join a book club
  68. Have a good cry
  69. Read the newspaper
  70. Listen to an inspirational podcast
  71. Take pictures
  72. Visit your favorite places
  73. Sit in front of the fireplace
  74. Play a musical instrument (that’s if you can play..but then if not, oh well, lol!)
  75. Colour a Colouring Book
  76. Sing out loud
  77. Take a mental task every now and then
  78. Join a support group (could online or in-person)
  79. Deep condition your hair
  80. Eat an healthy snack
  81. Smile at yourself in the mirror
  82. Leave yourself a love note
  83. Listen to nature sounds
  84. Try a new recipe
  85. Get Creative
  86. Use Essential oils in the house or shower
  87. Drink Water
  88. Get rid of clothes that are either old or don’t fit!
  89. Cook your favourite dish
  90. Be braless all day
  91. Play with a pet
  92. Moisturize your skin
  93. Apply a facial mask
  94. Spend quality time with loved ones
  95. Unplug for an hour
  96. Pay yourself a compliment
  97. Random act of kindness
  98. Plan a mini stay-cation
  99. Play your favourite board game
  100. Jump in puddles
  101. Go for a bike ride

Here’s the list – find what you can do or get inspired with this list.

For self care, all you need is 15 minutes or in some cases a whole day or as long as you need.

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I’ll see you around,


Fellow MomLeader


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