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Who we are

Born out of her own personal story, Momleader was founded by Nike Famojuro

After a very eventful journey into motherhood, Nike felt that she should be completely fulfilled as a mom but she struggled to find her mom-self. In balancing her personal, family and career goals; Momleader was developed to help other moms find their own identity.

Our mission is to help thousands of moms to have access to resources, lessons, and tools that will help them bring their mom identity, lifestyle, business, and career goals from the DreamWorld to the RealWorld. Whether it is to adjust to being a new mom, balancing career and home life, wanting to transition to stay at home work or launch your own company; Momleader is here to provide the tools and direction for moms to follow their dreams.
Through free resources, one on one personal coaching, group workshops, corporate seminars and speaking events, we aim to reach as many moms as possible in a setting they are comfortable with.
Our programs and services focus on various topics such as mom guilt, time management, mindset, balance, goal setting and much more.
Our vision is to be a supportive active resource enabling moms to be influencers in their homes.

Our Seven (7) Values
Nike Famojuro


Nike Famojuro is a public speaker, trainer, lifestyle, business coach, and author. She is a wife and a mother of two and is the founder of Momleader. Born out of her own personal journey, Nike focuses on empowering women to recognize and own the influence they have in their homes and supports them to be leaders with clearly defined personal and family goals.

She was one of the Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers 2019. She can usually be found having a tea party with her girls.

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