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Time Management Strategies for Disorganized People

Thursday, November 5th, 2020

When we hear about the word time management, we always think about the super organized people.

Well, today, Let’s talk about time management tips for disorganized people. Yes, I use the word “disorganized”, okay – i am talking about the people that don’t have the color-coded and the themed things in place in their home.

What are the tips that can help you to stay on time?

Look, whether you’re organized, or you’re disorganized, you can still manage your time. And don’t forget that your time is a day in your life.

First is be realistic: 

Yeah, be real with yourself. I know you love those pretty pictures on Instagram and Pinterest, and I know you love the most beautiful planner out there on the market right now. But be realistic, are you gonna use it? Is your house ever going to be like that color coded? 

So be realistic with your time management goals. Don’t forget, it’s a day in your life, and you can use it as you please. And once it’s gone, it is gone. 

Second thing is the moment of truth:

You’re not going to like everything that you do. That’s the truth. When it comes to time management, like literally when it comes to how you spend 24 hours, you’re not going to like everything that you do. And that definitely has an effect on whether you do it or not. But at this point, I want you to take a minute and tell yourself: “I am not going to like everything that I do in my day. But if it’s something that needs to get done. I need to get it done”. 

Number three is to really work on your focus. 

Even if you’re a super-organized person. The focus might actually be an area where you have a challenge. So when you work on your focus, that’s going to help you shave off time and actually get the work done. So I’m going to explain. 

When it comes to focus, the keyword is Get rid of distractions. You know, what distracts you. You know how you easily get distracted, so make sure you get rid of that. 

Second keyword is you can actually work on your focus. There are tons of videos on YouTube that you can watch to help you improve your focus. And even, there are some techy things you can do to improve your focus.

Number 4! This is also like something I call a mom ninja tool for time management. And that is the 80/20 assessment. We all know about the 80/20 Pareto principle. But this is the time for you to start doing an 80/20 assessment for the different areas in your life. 

This is a good time to actually look through all the activities that you carry out in your business and ask yourself this big question from these activities. Where is my 20%? 

Now, what is the “20%”? 

20% of those activities that when you do them, they give you the growth and the benefit that you want in your business. The 80% of the activities that you do are those activities that you doesnt give you as much return. Do you see where I’m going with this? 

So now do an overall look into your life, your business, your relationships, your social life, your relationship with your kids, and ask yourself, 80/20. Which one gives me the most? What is my 20%? Then focus your energy and your time on that.

You will be amazed at the results you will get. People would think that you’ve become super organized.

Number five. I’m just going to give you the hard truth. Everything has to have a home. 

Yeah! I know that you aren’t the most organized person. But think about a system that would work for you. Remember, you have to be realistic. 

And second thing is that, you know, it is not everything that you would love doing. But think about a system that will work for you to kind of make you look like you’re kind of organized. 

So have a home for everything. A simple example.

When you’re going to your kid’s area. 

Everything is all over the place. Get a basket. Label the basket. This is for pens. This is for books. This is for toys. Easy! A bowl. If that works for you. 

In your office, have a little book. This is for my letters. This is for my emails. Easy!

You don’t have to have it all color-coded with all the post-it notes and the pens and highlighters. 

You can look for the most simplest form of giving everything a home. 

“Why is it important for everything to have at home?” 

Do you know the amount of time we actually waste when we’re looking for something and the frustration that goes into it? 

And then when we finally find the thing, and it’s time to work on the project we want to work on. 

“Do you know how long it takes you to finally settle down?”

Okay, so make sure that everything you have actually has a home. 

So those are my five tips. If you’re not a super organized person, you want to start working on your time management.

You can check the video:


Monday, August 12th, 2019


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Nike Famojuro

fellow Momleader

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I’ll see you around…


Fellow Momleader

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Tuesday, August 6th, 2019


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Nike Famojuro

(Fellow Momleader)


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Monday, July 22nd, 2019

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Nike Famojuro



Friday, July 19th, 2019


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Nike Famojuro


Causes of Procrastination (LEARN HOW TO BEAT PROCRASTINATION!)

Monday, July 15th, 2019

Causes of Procrastination (LEARN HOW TO BEAT PROCRASTINATION!)

Have you ever wondered why you procrastinate so bad – and you would like to fix it?

Well, for you to fix it, you need to first know why you procrastinate.
Once, you can figure that out, you can focus on beating procrastination!

I share productivity tips for entrepreneurs who want to beat procrastination and get work done!

This is one of the quotes I have grown to love (thanks to my mom, who constantly repeated this to me as a child/teenager- a lot!)

“Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.” 

– Thomas Jefferson




Have a lovely week.

I’ll see around,

Nike Famojuro

Time Management Coach for Moms

Time Management Habits (Get More Done in a Day!)

Monday, July 8th, 2019

Time Management Habits (Get More Done in a Day!)

Here are 5 Time Management tips and strategies that would help you to be more productive in life/business/home and it also helps you to manage your time.

If you are curious as to how to get more done in the day, check out this productivity tips for entrepreneurs, stay at home moms or work from home moms.

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Have a lovely week.

I’ll see around,

Nike Famojuro

Time Management Coach for Moms

Be an Intentional Mom

Friday, June 21st, 2019

Done on purpose, deliberate

feeling dedication and loyalty to a cause, activity, or job; wholeheartedly dedicated.

The fact of being who or what a person or a thing is.

Interesting how a thing can easily let you know what they are. For example: A TV knows it is a TV – it comes with the big name, and the manual and you can even get great resources online and reviews. A TV cannot wake up tomorrow and say, I’m a radio now or a phone.

There are three things we can learn from the identity of a TV.

1. A TV knows their identity:

Yes, a TV is very clear on what it can or cannot do – No confusion there.

Are you clear on your identity?

Do you know who you are?

 Have you really been intentional and committed to defining who you are?

New moms, now is a good time to get the whole “mom-identity” all figured out. Put those babies’ sleepless nights or growth sprouts feeding sessions to good use and spend time thinking about who you are now as a mom.

Empty nesters, the children are all grown or you are waiting to resume your grandma duties, it is never too late to define yourself.

Of course, moms with children in school (I know they are off for the summer) but make sure you take sometime to figure it out – whether in the bathroom or while the children are playing outside.

You should be able to answer the question of what can I or cannot do. Watch the Mom chat – “Am I just a mom?” here <<<

2. A TV is proud of its brand:

Asides from the obvious brand name plastered on the rim of the TV. When you switch on a TV, the brand name pops up boldly and it even makes its entrance with music.

Are you proud of your brand?

Are you proud of who you have become?

Are you proud of who you see in the mirror or even the thoughts that pop up in your head?

If you are proud of it – embrace it fully;

So you have decided to be a working mom – embrace it;  

you are stay at home mom – love it;

you are a career mom – rock it!

“Be proud as a TV”, ( if there is any phrase like that lol).

3. A TV cannot change who they are:

This is where we are sooooo different from a TV, we can always make a change. If you don’t like your mom-identity, you can make a change to do something about it. It may require a drastic change or just a small one. But we have the ability to make a change. We are not “doomed” like a TV.

So my question to you are:

1. Do you have a brand?

2. Do you love the brand you are projecting?

3. Are you willing to make a change if you need to?

We love helping moms figure this out. You can get on a FREE 30mins call with us – yes, it is completely free!

We would also love to here from you – whether you would like to proudly share your brand with us or you would like to figure it all out. We would love to hear from you.

Book your call here –

Decide to be “intentional” and “committed” to your mom- “identity”.

I’ll see you around.



Fellow Momleader



Who am I now? Struggling with your mom identity.

Monday, June 3rd, 2019

You’re a mom, but, WHO ARE YOU?

You’ve read this and either you answered confidently, or you found yourself like a lot of the other moms I have come across, that can’t tenderly, answer that question.

When I am in my beginning coaching sessions with a mom, I will often ask them to describe who they are. A certain mom will answer with a job they used to do, enlighten me on all their hobbies they used to have fun with, what goals they pursued before children, but at the end of the day, none of that is actually who they are now. They struggle to tell me who they are as an individual now being a mom.

Now if you actually stop and ponder, can you answer that question. Not who you were, not where do you want to be, but truly, who are you know?

So much of our identity can be tied to our career, our freedom, our social lives and when motherhood comes, we aren’t quite sure what happened to all of that or where to get it back. Will we ever get “it”back?

Have you lost yourself, mama?

Moms lose themselves. We do. We lose our identity in our children. Sometimes it takes moms a year or two to rediscover themselves and others go for years hiding in baggy clothes, focusing on the best products for the family, putting everyone else’s needs first, before they realize they are in an identity crisis and they’ve lost themselves along the way.

Some moms feel that after having children they are supposed to be the most fulfilled they have ever been and unfortunately, that is just not the case. Understandably, there are some challenges we uniquely face and we have to learn to switch from our single self, our married no kids self, to a woman with children. You are not just a mom. You are your own unique person with her own desires, passions, and likes. Yes, you have them. Believe me.

“I don’t have time”. Well, we can get into “you management”later. Let’s save time saving for another post or better yet, let’s have a chat on the phone. Otherwise…

I encourage you to KNOW YOUR MOM-IDENTITY.

Remember to listen to yourself. This is actually a training that moms will have to start doing again as they put their needs aside and forget completely about themselves. I have seen moms say I will cook that because my son likes this, I will buy that because my husband likes this, but they fail time and time again to consider themselves and actually think and listen to themselves. Start paying attention to what you really want and not just what is expected of you. Do you hear that?

You are not your old self. You are not a future version of what you want to be. You are who you are at this moment. You have the power to change, to have more time, to set goals, and to have likes. Take the opportunity to take yourself on a date and rediscover your mom identity.

Have fun finding out who you are and let me know your process along the way.


Fellow Momleader