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10 Self-Care Ideas for Moms


We know that self-care is good for you but I think we have a wrong conception of what Self-Care is all about he doesn’t have to be expensive yeah and it doesn’t have to take too much of your time and that’s why in this video I’m going to show you ten (10) Self-Care Ideas that you can do that doesn’t cost you much or it actually costs nothing.


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I know that for most moms we’re always running on a very tight budget even on a very tight schedule and so when someone says, “Self-Care”, you’re like – “No I don’t have time for that” and that’s why this video will show you Ten (10) Self-Care ideasthat you can incorporate to your me-time and the good thing about it is thesis 10 things don’t cost anything.


Yep! and then it doesn’t take that long plus you can download the Ultimate Self Care List which you can use as a guide any time you want to practice Self-Care. Okay now let’s get to it.

The first one is this “Go To Bed Early”.Yeah, I said “go to bed earlier than your bedtime”. Now all you need to do really is just make sure that the kids actually could to bed earlier than their usual bedtime or if you get someone to watch the kids, just make sure you go to bed maybe 10-15 earlier than your regular time than you sleep and trust me, it changes the game. That 10-15 minutes changes a lot. That is another one out of the 10 Self Care Ideas for Moms.


The second one is this “Find A Hobby”. It doesn’t have to be something that’s expensive like I said or time consuming but just look for those little things that you used to love doing that doesn’t cost anything and do that simple.


Third one is this “Nap Time” yeah, I know you say that to your kids but how about you incorporate nap time for yourself. I know that the first advice they give any new mom is when the baby sleep you should sleep but how many mom’s actually do that so either you incorporate the nap time when they go for naps or  you take a nap and you let them know – “mommy needs enough” and nap doesn’t have to be for hours, 10-15 minutes nap; you know you could use that and you know it’s interesting if you want to think about actually in my next video I show you mom-hacks for self-care and you get really creative with you enjoying Self-Care. Comment below if you like the word “nap” and just type “nap, nap, nap!”.


The next one is this “Read A Book”.Read a book or a magazine or a comic book whatever catches your fancy get a book in the house sit down read it that’s Self-Care right there. You will be lost in that book that you will forget whatever you are going through at that moment and just enjoy yourself that’s it.


The next one is “Watch The Sunset Or The Sunrise”.This is very interesting all you need to do is just pull your curtains

very early morning and just look at the Sun rise, yeah, or in the evening and watch the sunset. 10-15 minutes and it’s really, really, good for you. You just take that break and just enjoy everything around you.


The next one is “Positive Self-Talk”now you need that now whatever’s going to get you going is up to you. Some people like affirmations,

some people like podcast, some people like you know writing things on the wall whatever gets you going just to do a Positive Self-Talk. What I do is I stand in front of a mirror just to do my Positive Self-Talk five minutes the most I’m done and that Self-Care right there


The next one is “Listen To Relaxing Music”now you know what relaxes you. What relaxes you is your thing don’t anybody make you bad about what you’re listening to just make sure you popped in that music about 5-10 minutes to actually listen to that music and feel the music and that would help you to relax now.


The next one is and I’m going to say it “Do Nothing”you can actually do nothing it’s okay for you to stop and actually “do nothing” fifteen minutes busy moms it’s okay for you to do nothing. For you to just shut down and I just listen to your inner self for just ten minutes.


You can also “Make A Lunch For Yourself”so you know you doing all these meal preps and packing lunch for the kids for the next day. How about you pack your own lunch as well right? that’s another one out of the 10 Self Care Ideas. The truth is most of time, we are so busy during the day that we don’t get anything to eat or we make unhealthy choices. How about when you’re packing their lunch you pack yours and there you have it


Tthe last one is this “Exercise” now when you are exercising, I’m not saying you go join the gym or do something straineous. Exercise may be something as easy as going for 10-15 minutes’ walk oh just keep going up and down the stairs now we know there are so many benefits of exercise and that’s Self-Care for you so 5-10 minutes give yourself some fun exercises and actually be in the moment during the exercise that is Self-Care.


So there you have it: that’s a list of 10 things you can do that’s not going to cost you anything and doesn’t take that long to get you to care for yourself and PLUS don’t forget you can always download my Ultimate Self Care List that you can use as a guide if you need more ideas like this and don’t worry you need to just watch out for my next video where I talked about the mom-hacks for Self Care Ideas which will help you to get super creative as well as.


Remember to like, share, comment and also please do share this your other mom friends just like you out there so that every mom out there would actually enjoy Self-Care and live a better life and have better relationships.


Check out 101 Self-Care Ideas for Moms here>>>

I’ll See you around.


Nike Famojuro


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Moms would love this

10 Simple Romantic Valentine Ideas for Moms

Valentine Ideas for Moms for the Valentine’ Weekend.
“Everyone says that you fall in love once that is not TRUE
because every time when I see you,
I fall in love with you all over again”
– Unknown

Valentine is here!

Love is in the air!



Valentine is always a time when the sale of roses, chocolates and cards are at their peak. I find that most Valentines, people lack Valentine ideas for moms; so moms are given gifts they don’t really like. Gifts like: Fake flowers, gym membership, sugar free candy, self help books or ill fitting lingeries or night dress.


Here are a list of 10 Simple Romantic Valentine ideas for Moms, especially new moms or moms with little ones.

Moms, get inspired with this list and pass it one to your Valentine!


1. Sleep in:

Weekends can be a chore; instead of being up and running around to get everyone ready; how about taking time off. You can also go into work later in the day to have some time to sleep-in on Valentine’s Weekend.


2. Make Breakfast together:

Making breakfast with your Valentine is a great way to spend Valentine. Especially if it is just you two 😉


3. Take Bubble Bath:

Interesting how most  moms take a bath because they think they deserve it. Having a bath doesn’t have to be a treat! It can be something you do everyday. If you still feel it is a treat, here’s a Valentine Idea for moms -“Valentine’s Weekend Bubble Bath”. Treat yourself to some nice scents, candles, fresh flowers, great music – all the works.


4. Watch a Romantic Movie together:

There’s nothing as romantic as watching a romantic goofy valentine movie with your Valentine. I mean uninterrupted. If you have to get someone to watch the kids, take the time off. You can either watch the movie in your living room or go out to the movies.


5. Dress up and go somewhere nice:

Dressing up brings up a great feeling. It is a good time to wear that “One-day-I-will-wear-you” dress. Dress up and go somewhere really nice. Visit those “one-day-I-will-visit” restaurant.


6. Listen to some love music together:

Put on some candles, set in the mood (sit by the fire place) and listen to some Love music together. Oldies does it for me – it brings up some really great memories.


7. Massage:
Either do a DIY – you can buy the oils from a local store near you, have some candles, good music and voila! Or you can treat your partner to a massage, pedicure or manicure appointment


8. Stay up Late:

Nothing beats staying up late…no more to be said here!


9. Create a List of “why you love your partner”:

You can either send a romantic text messages to your partner or you can write it out in a card. As long as those words are from your heart.


10. A night off from Bedtime Routine:

The chore of Bedtime routine can be exhausting. You either have the kids do a sleep-over or you get the nanny to put them to sleep or you get your partner to do it. Skipping this routine is such a great Valentine treat for  moms.


Dont forget to love yourself – Check this post on Self Care: 

Watch my YouTube Video on Self-care here:


Happy Valentines to all Moms out there!




I’ll See you around


Nike Famojuro

Fellow MomLeader


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Show love to your children
Howto Life Lessons Personal Development

Seven Practical Ways You Can Show Love To Your Children

I get this most times from Moms in my MomLeader Coaching Programs.
I often ask this question: “Do you show love to your children, that is; You love your children but do they know that?”

Pretty ironic right?!?

Here are Seven (7)n Practical Ways You Can Show Love To Your Child.
PS: It is NEVER to late or too early to start.
This seems like a no-brainer right!?

Life can get busy that all we communicate to our children is what they are not doing right or their schedules, what is expected of them etc.

We forget at times to tell them what they need to hear (even though the child will not admit it! lol).

They need to hear it from you that you love them…PERIOD!…Say it!



This is kind of tied in with you telling your child you love them, that is, how you show love to your children.

Praising them is something you have to do consciously especially when you are going through difficult times with your child. Because of moms “nurturer” nature, we often only see EVERYTHING that needs to be fixed and we NEGLECT the things that are going on well. Find the good in your child and praise them for it



9 out of 10, the biggest issue we had with our parents was that they didn’t listen to us…so Mommas, why aren’t  we listening to our children?

Always adopt this Steve Covey Effective Listening style which is:
“Seek first to Understand, then to be Understood”.
That is, concentrate on what is being said; rather concentrating on your response.


Doing more than one task at once seems great because it allows us to get so many things done in a limited amount of time.

The disadvantage is that we tend not to be present while carrying a task.

When spending time with your child, be present.

All you need to do is create a time block for your child, with no interruption and with you being fully present.

This is definitely important if you want to show love to your children.


It is awesome to have a schedule with the children especially when dealing with younger children.

But every now and then, it is okay to lax the rules.

How about if they stay up  late on a Friday night and watch a goofy movie with you or eat their breakfast in bed on Saturday morning…whatever you know they would like, lax the rules and watch their faces light up…Priceless!



Everyone loves a good surprise – not just on Birthdays!

But remember, it is about them and not about you; so bear that in mind when choosing either what to give them or  what activity to do.

Do your research and NAIL it!



This concept is super important because it creates and nurtures closeness between family especially siblings. It is just like how companies have Team building programs with their staff members to encourage Team Dynamics.

By taking time off and being diligent with Family Time will not only create great Team Dynamics with your children, it is also a way you can show your family that you love them!


There you have it, 7 Practical Ways You Can Show Love to Your Child…if you want more, you can download the 37 Practical Ways You Can Show Love To Your Child here >> >

Remember, to check out 101-self-care-ideas-for-moms

Keep Loving Mommas,


I’ll see you around.


Nike Famojuro

Fellow MomLeader


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Personal Development

101 Self Care ideas for Moms

Hello MomLeaders,


There is never a Perfect day or Time  to take care of yourself –


MomLeader Facebook Community is running a 21 Day Self Care Challenge so that Moms can get intentional with showing themselves some Love this Year.

You are more than welcome to join the Group/Challenge here >>>


Being a mom is one of the sweetest job in the world and yet one of the hardest jobs in the world – it is the only job in the world where you give all of YOU!!!


Amazing right, from cleaning to caring to refereeing to cooking to doing the laundry to driving to counselling to mentoring, you name it…On a regular day, you play an averahge of five roles in a day. Check out my previous post on Stay At Home Moms are CEOS (this post highlights some of the roles we occupy and the estimated salary!).


Anyways, with all these Motherhood duties and responsibilities, most of the time, we forget the most  important factor of Motherhood – YOU!!! The “You” is very important to how great of  a mom you are or not – So why do you forget or feel guilty when you are taking care of YOU!!!


You not only deserve to care for yourself, you NEED TO! – it is a necessity.

You need to re-energize, relax, reset and be ready to take on the next “Motherhood” challenge (that will definitely come your way!).


Okay, moms, I know you want to really care for yourself but you run out of ideas or you are misinformed as to what self care is all about.

Here are 101 list of Self care ideas for Moms (So you don’t have an excuse ;)):

Sit down and have lunch on your own.
Treat yourself to your favorite dessert.
Binge watch one of your favorite shows/series alone or with a friend
Chat with your friend (the one that always make you laugh)
Decide to not give in to Mom-Guilt
Make yourself priority on your To do list
Buy yourself something that makes you smile e.g flowers or candles.
Sit outside to watch the sunset
Watch the sunrise and relish the moment.
Splurge – Buy that special item!
Day Dream.
Take a nap during the day
Read a book or magazine (in peace)
Go to bed early.
Be very present in every moment
Ask for help.
Try something new – Take a fitness, dancing, crafts or art class
Do absolutely nothing
Take a nice long bubble bath.
Get your hair done
Get a new hairstyle
Getaway to somewhere nice by yourself or with your girlfriends..
Create a gratitude list every morning
Set goals for yourself (Not for the family, set personal goals)
Go window shopping.
Get a massage
Stay Longer in the Shower
Buy that special item that you normally wouldn’t buy for yourself
Go for a Long Drive
Sit still either in a park  or patio or by a creek/ocean
Turn off your social media for a day
Deal with negative self talk
Go through family pictures or family home videos
Take a day for yourself – and do something nice with that day
Hug your children
Eat ice-cream or any dessert without feeling guilty
Snuggle under a blanket all day
Have your favorite drink; in your favourite spot
Put on some good music and dance
Forgive yourself, Forgive someone else
Clean out your cupboards (if you enjoy doing such things)
Get someone else to make you dinner
Create a spot for yourself in the house (A spot just for you only)
Get someone else to clean the house or do the laundry
Dress up
Eat your breakfast in bed
Plan a pizza – movie night with friends
Do your annual checkup
Listen to what you really want to do
Take lots of deep breaths during the day
Get a manicure or pedicure
Laugh out loud
Light a scented candle
Sit down and Look at the clouds
Go swimming
Make a new friend (it could be a mom-friend)
Decorate your home
Read an inspirational blog
Eat mindfully
Join a book club
Have a good cry
Read the newspaper
Listen to an inspirational podcast
Take pictures
Visit your favorite places
Sit in front of the fireplace
Play a musical instrument (that’s if you can play..but then if not, oh well, lol!)
Colour a Colouring Book
Sing out loud
Take a mental task every now and then
Join a support group (could online or in-person)
Deep condition your hair
Eat an healthy snack
Smile at yourself in the mirror
Leave yourself a love note
Listen to nature sounds
Try a new recipe
Get Creative
Use Essential oils in the house or shower
Drink Water
Get rid of clothes that are either old or don’t fit!
Cook your favourite dish
Be braless all day
Play with a pet
Moisturize your skin
Apply a facial mask
Spend quality time with loved ones
Unplug for an hour
Pay yourself a compliment
Random act of kindness
Plan a mini stay-cation
Play your favourite board game
Jump in puddles
Go for a bike ride

Here’s the list – find what you can do or get inspired with this list.

For self care, all you need is 15 minutes or in some cases a whole day or as long as you need.

Check out this video on Self Care and Subscribe to the MomLeader YouTube Channel.

I’ll see you around,


Fellow MomLeader


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Life Lessons News Personal Development

Stay At Home Moms are CEOs

I just had to write about this!

When you ask a Stay At Home mom,”What do you do?”

She usually doesn’t maintain eye contact and answer shyly, “I stay at home with the kids”

Or she gives a very nervous laugh and say, “The kids are my job”.

I have been a Stay at Home mom myself and I have done the same no doubt (too many times than I count).

Even now as a work from home mom, if asked, “What do I do?”  I am so quick to talk about the work I do from home – I’m a Mom-coach as opposed to claiming my place as a Stay At home mom who also runs MomLeader.


My question has always been, “Why do I feel like the work of a Stay At Home Mom cannot be considered as a job?”

I know that I cannot put a price on motherhood but then I cannot ignore all the work that goes into staying at home with the children. From cooking to cleaning to school runs to mitigating fights to diffusing temper tantrums – you name it!

You are so busy throughout the day yet at the end of the day it looks like you haven’t done much!


Truth be told, not every woman can survive being a Stay At Home Mom. Did you know that according to and, the salary of a Stay At Home Mom for 2018 was estimated to be $162,581 per year. This was over $5000 increase from what it was in 2017!


Acoording to, Jobs that reflected a day in the life of a Mom was used to achieve this estimated salary.

Example of the hybrid roles were (I picked out just a handful that jumped at me) :

Event Planner
Interior Designer
Laundry Manager
Logistics Analyst
Marketing Manage
Tax Accountant
Staff Nurse
Day Care Centre Teacher


I can see why? I’m sure you can see why too!

These roles were put into consideration when  I was developing my Coaching program: MomLeader Incubator – a program for moms who want to start their dream business. I know quite well that Moms wear multiple hats.

My advice is that the next time you are asked, “What do you do?”

Don’t just say that “I’m just a Stay At Home Mom” – No you are not “JUST!”

Being a Stat At home Mom is a respectable role; an high paying role at that!!!!

You either respond with pride that: “You are a Stay At Home Mom” or better still, you can give whoever is asking the question a run down of the hybrid roles above 🙂

If you are curious, you can calculate your estimated salary as a Stay At Home Mom here. Just plug in your details to see what your salary would have been.

You might be interested in reading my recent blogposts:

Stay At Home Moms vs Working Moms

15 Honest Truths about Pregnancy

List of Inspiring Mom-Goals


I’ll see you around


Fellow MomLeader

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Personal Development

Stay At Home Moms vs Working Moms

And the winner is….


Before I announce the winner. This war between being a stay at home mom or being a working mom has been going on for a while. Way too long moms.

It is like there are two teams, the ones for the working moms and the ones for the stay at home moms. It is like team SAHM (Stay At Home Moms) vs Team WM (Working Moms).


The team WM looks down on the team SAHM as not living their lives to the fullest. They see stay at home moms as always cleaning, cooking and running after the children all day.


On the other hand, team SAHM looks down on team WM as the busy, exhausted moms who wouldn’t have time to cook for her children or even take them to the park.


Well, this is my answer and I am writing this blog because the two categories of moms are moms. I see so many new moms wondering which one they should be…my answer is be a….. MOM!!!


That doesnt quite answer it, right?!? Okay, so I will just go over five(5) issues that are the bone of contention between these two teams:


Being a Stay at Home doesn’t necessarily mean you are AT HOME ALL DAY ( You will definitely need to be out of the house every now and then so that you can get a life)

Career moms, can actually be at home as well – there’s such thing as work from home  (Hi, My Name is Nike Famojuro and that’s what I do and I love it; plus I show moms how to do that too!) or even working part time!



Yes, career moms come home exhausted, but the SAHM also is exhausted being “at home” – believe it or not.



Working Moms don’t always feed their children takeaways because they are too tired to cook – they meal prep or even have help from their partners! Newsflash, the Stay At Home Moms actually get too tired to cook at times and yes, they do feed their children takeaways



Well, being a Working Mom allows you to meet other people at work, but then again, being a Work from Home Mom also allows you to meet other mom-friends, plan play dates and even girls nights out.


5. The biggest one is this FULFILMENT:

Look, the word fulfilment is very relative – what is fulfilment for me will definitely not be fulfilment for you. If being a WOrking mom is going to make you fulfilled..PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE….and PLEASE do not be a miserable Stay At Home. If Staying At Home as a mom will make you fulfilled and you can’t quit your job because of financial reasons or fear – you care about what people would think or how you would cope – There are ways you can have a balance of both worlds. You can be a “Work From Home Mom”!


Bottom line is this, whatever you decide to do – Stay At Home Mom, Working Mom or even Work from Home Mom; do whatever makes you feel fulfilled, happy and what is best for your children.



Fellow Mom!

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Life Lessons

15 Honest Truths about Pregnancy

This goes out to all moms!

Here’s a list of 15 Honest Truths no one tells you about pregnancy. Some of them are my personal experiences and some are luckily not mine!

And mamas, before I go on, please don’t be shy to add to this list in the comments section below:


So, Here goes:

Pregnancy is HARD!!
I know moms especially some movie stars make it look so glamorous and effortless. I found out that pregnancy is a whole different ball game from day 1!


It is okay to admit that Pregnancy is NOT EASY for you:
Most people feel like they are ungrateful or just plain complaining if they admit that pregnancy is not easy. Oh well, let it all out!


Appetite Rollercoaster:

For some it is the never ending cravings; but for others it can be loss of appetite or the inevitable heartburn!



You will seek to pee in the most ridiculous places because when you have to go – you haveeeee to gooooo!


Belly-rubbing Crew:

Well meaning people are so thrilled to see a big belly. Please do not rub the belly even if the pregnant lady says it is ok.


You will look pregnant:

Whether the difference will be huge or not. You will look pregnant! If you didn’t look pregnant at the 1st or 2nd semester,   wait for it…


Wobble, wobble, wobble:

This is bound to happen. Buy comfortable shoes


Your belly after delivery will look pregnant:

This was a shock to me



They are real, whether during pregnancy or after you’ve had your bundle of joy.


Boogie, Boogers:

Have a tissue handy because you will be picking and plucking.


What’s with the skin:

From teenage acne to skin sag to stretch marks to black line on your belly. Be ready to say hello to skin changes.


Hello! “Farting-machine”:

 You get the picture!


Say goodbye to Sleep:

It is either you are looking for a comfortable sleep position all night or sleep won’t just come to you. Oh by the way, it gets worse when the little one arrives…(Just giving you heads-up!)


Compromised vision:

You will wonder what is wrong with your vision, don’t worry it is the pregnancy!


Getting back into your pre-pregnancy shape is hard work:

The truth is that asides from the discipline of losing weight, you now have a newborn which means you are too tired and uninspired to exercise.

These are my Top 15 Honest Truths about Pregnancy.
Despite all these, being mom is such a great privilege and the most unimaginable precious thing EVER!

Don’t forget to add your Honest Truths about Pregnancy in the Comments below or connect with me on instagram @iamamomleader.
I would love to hear all your Pregnancy Truths.




Nike Famojuro

Fellow MomLeader


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Personal Development

List of Inspiring Mom-Goals

Feeling STUCK as to where to start with setting your mom-goals for the New year!?!

I know the end of the year is when we make all these resolutions, but to be honest, you can start afresh at any time – any month, any day of the week and any time of the day. You can even decide to change from this very moment!!!

I understand that as moms, we can be super busy with the end of year activities and can neglect setting our mom-goals.

So, here are Five (5) Areas you need to consider when setting goals. I even added inspiring examples of mom-goals you can set in those areas – YES, you are welcome.  


Love yourself
Self Care
Have a morning routine
Get More Sleep
Read More
Find an Outlet/Hobby
Travel more
See your children the way they are
Make New Friends
Challenge yourself more



Get fit
Join a gym or start an home exercise program
Eat more vegetables and fruits
Meal Prep every weekend
Make homemade snacks
Drink 2L of water everyday
Buy less takeaways
Keep Vital signs in the healthy range



Have a Budget
Get completely out of debt
Create an emergency fund
Buy a Home
Pay off Loans
Plan for large purchases
Save for Retirement
Increase your investment portfolio
Have multiple streams of income



Be Patient
Live in the Moment
Loose your temper less
Leave your work at work
Give more compliments
Appreciate your children more
Spend more time with your partner
Have “cell-phone free” conversations
Live life through your children’s eye
See your children they way they are
Be Flexible



Pray more
Start Meditation
Go to Church regularly
Be more mindful
Be Mentor
Volunteer regularly
Help others more


These are five areas with inspiring mom-goals you can set. Please note that these examples are not specific; they are just a guide. If you are keen to set goals that would work – check out  this MomLeader VIdeo- ..


You can subscribe to the MomLeader YouTube channel for more inspiring and Mom-helpful videos.

Oh, don’t forget to click the bell button – so you know when a new video is up.


See you next week!


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Seven (7) Things Moms Can Do to Relax and Enjoy Christmas

I run a Mom-Coaching business I love so much…I usually take a week off (at the end of the year) from my business. I use this time to relax and enjoy Christmas with my family.

I know some moms do that as well; where they take vacation days or shut down their businesses or do half days so that they can be with their family for Christmas.

But the thing is, even though as moms you have successfully taken time off work; you cannot really take time off “momming”?

For you to achieve the “rest” you hoped for this Christmas break,  you have to be intentional about it.


Here are Seven (7) things you can do to relax and enjoy Christmas:


Whenever you feel overwhelmed with the demands of motherhood, look for what is funny in the situation and LOL – Laugh Out Loud. I will give an example: so your toddler just spilled her breakfast milk, take a deep breath and find something funny from the situation or you can remind yourself of something funny and just Laugh Out Loud.

Laughing is great for the soul.



Try Decaf or tea this Christmas. Studies has shown that too much caffeine can actually make you feel anxious. Remember, you took time off to relax, so making caffeine modification during this season will be worth it!



Ok moms, the whole point of having a hot beverage is to drink it while it is HOT! (not reheated). This season, decide to take at least 10 minutes for yourself everyday to enjoy a nice hot beverage in your favourite spot. Don’t worry Mamas, the world can wait!



Yes! Drink up WATER!!! Studies have shown that women need about 11 cups everyday.

I can make a list of the endless benefits of drinking water but I will just mention a few here – water increases brain power, boosts energy, flushes out toxin, improves the skin, reduces headaches and puts you in a better mood. I believe these are benefits you would love to enjoy this Christmas.



I am a big believer in Mindfulness. Life can get so busy that we don’t pay attention to what is happening around us. Practice Mindfulness – take a deep breathe and decide to feel what is happening to you at every moment.



Re- evaluate those traditions, gifts, events, parties, activities and create a scale of preference for these things. Ask yourself and family honest questions like: :”Do we really really really have to attend that event?”



This time of the year is a great time to go through your great and happy memories. You can look through old pictures or watch those amazing home videos. Spend some time to remind yourself of the great things and people in your life.


Have a Merry, Merry Christmas



Nike Famojuro

Fellow MomLeader


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Personal Development

“Mom-exercise” for Stay At Home Moms

“Mom-exercise” is a form of exercising for moms. Before I explain what “M0m-exercise” is, I want to get you really interested by showing you the benefits of exercising.


I know that moms especially Stay At Home Moms (after cleaning, doing the dishes, doing school runs and getting dinner ready); the last thing you want to do is “exercise”. But trust me on this one, MomLeaders, there are great benefits of “mom-exercising” – asides from the all too known benefit of weight loss:


Helps you feel happier:

Endorphins are your best friends. They are hormones that is known to produce positive feelings and reduce the perception of pain. Exercising increases the production of hormones called endorphins, which are known to help make you feel happier

Being at home can be a bit lonely/frustrating and the mind can really play games at times. Plus having to talk to toddlers all day or doing baby talk with newborns doesn’t help at times. Add in your female hormones and you will have a cocktail of a roller-coaster mood. Plus, you have to battle with mom-guilt as well.

Here’s the big one: you still have to care for your children and patiently answer their numerous questions, respond to their never ending requests without losing it.

I believe you will agree with me when I say that having all the help you can with your mood will really help.


Increases energy levels:

This is quite ironic because you would think exercising will use up all your energy. Yes! Maybe! whilst exercising and maybe a few minutes after. Exercise can improve energy levels because it strengthens the circulation and your heart muscle.This means more energy to keep up with your children and their needs.


Helps with skin health:

By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital. We all need that glow, right?!?


Helps with brain health:

The benefits of exercise come directly from its ability to reduce insulin resistance, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the release of growth factors—chemicals in the brain that affect the health, abundance, survival and growth of brain cells. (according to the Harvard Health Publishing).

I guess we can all say bye to “mommy brain”!


Helps with relaxation and sleeping:

All those sleepless nights with a newborn, sometimes can alter our sleeping pattern. Exercise can help with that – awesome!


What then is “Mom-exercise”?

It is a form of exercise designed specially for moms. Mom-exercise is a form of workout that suits moms schedule and way of life. It doesn’t have to be intense. Below are a list of Mom-exercises; pick the one that works best with you and have fun with it.

 30 mins walk with the lil one in the stroller
Going up and down your stairs a couple of times (10x at a time) 
Dancing time with the kiddos
Walking Lunges
Chair dips or squats
Step ups using the stairs

Whatever works for you, the most important thing is to make sure you schedule at least a 15 mins block for exercise (at least 3-5 times a week).

Exercise and enjoy its benefits!

Posted by momleader