You are "Captain Momleader"

Your Super Power is: You love taking on the "impossible"!
You are the type of person who runs towards a crisis while others are fleeing.

You love to find creative solutions to people’s problems. You can easily see the dots, connect it and get to work. You prioritize accepting challenges, taking action and achieving immediate results.

Being a self starter and a risk taker – you tend to have a TYPE A personality.

Once you get an idea, you go for it- you are very decisive plus you love taking a leadership position when it comes to tasks.

You don’t like boring tasks like “routines” and “time audits” because you believe it might cause you to lose your spontaneity/creativity or FOMO. You find details less attractive and prefer action!




People around you sometimes sees you as impatient, insensitive and sometimes a poor listener.

You tend to attempt too much at a time – taking on too many “urgent tasks” i.e shiny new passion projects which makes you distracted. You are most likely to burn out, be taken for granted, unable to complete your daily scheduled tasks (which are important) which may lead to relationship mishaps and personal regrets.

Hi, my name is Nike Famojuro

I am a former corporate Time Management Trainer who is now working with entrepreneurs who work from home that want to achieve GOAL ALIGNED DAYS.

Being a mom of two beautiful girls (under 5 years); I would love to help you build and grow your business without sacrificing yourself, dreams or your family.

  • Set SMART goals
  • Start each day by following what you intend to do for that day.
  • Pull back from “urgent tasks” and accomplish things on your TO DO list.




  • Determine what is most important to you by using Steve Covey’ Eisenhower Matrix.
  • Deal with Distractions
  • Become a Priority Queen
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- Nike F.