Be a Leader

What does Leadership mean? Leadership is influence. We know that Great leaders (I can name quite a few) don’t use their “positional” powers to bring about change; they use their “personal” power.

What is their personal power? INFLUENCE.

Every mom has the ability to add value in their home. As a Momleader, we use our personal power – empathy, problem solving skills, resilience, ability to prioritize, adapt, make tough calls and our personality to influence our children so that the world will be a better place.

When you are a Momleader,  you are a great leader in your home; when you are Great leader – you are an INFLUENCER!

Be a High Performer

Being a Momleader doesn’t mean you have to be perfect.. A Momleader is a High Performer, that is, we know what we want, we put in the work everyday to be the very best version of ourselves, we are intentional in developing ourselves, we are willing to learn from others, we are not afraid to get feedback, we are not afraid to say No.

For us – Momleaders, it is not about perfection, it is about getting the job done well and quickly


Moms juggle a lot. A Momleader understands balance because she has access to resources, lessons, hacks and tips that would help her to have a balanced life at home, work, business or in the community. A momleader understands the importance of taking care and nurturing herself, knows her priorities, is willing to take risks, picks her battles, is organised, is able to adjust and has a positive mental attitude. Balance is our responsibility as a mom. A momleader is willing to find and maintain balance!

Be Flexible

Tradition has played a very important role in how moms run their homes. The media doesn’t really help to be honest. There is a major comparison and perception when it comes to what being a great mom is. There’s the theory of attachment, working mom vs stay at home moms; breastfeeding moms vs bottle fed moms and what to feed your toddler and what not. A momleader understands her needs and her family’ needs and she is flexible without judgement or overwhelming mom-guilt.

Build Relationships

We all know that children are not born with a manual – We all became moms the moment we were given our new born with no prior training. No matter how prepared we were to be a mom – when the real motherhood kicked in; we found out that we were not prepared! A momleader knows that she can learn a lot from others. Momleaders have access to other moms who are either at the same stage they are in or ahead of them. These moms are willing to share their experiences, victories and failures with other moms. A momleader has access to an exciting and fun learning ground where lifelong relationships are nurtured.

Build Courageous

On the journey to significance, a lot of bold steps will be taken. Being a Momleader means that we take those required bold steps that would lead us to wholeness which in turn will benefit their family. We make decisions from what to feed our family, to the values pertain to our family not to mention our own personal goals and dreams.

A momleader understands that all these decisions as big or little as it might seem requires her taking bold steps and she is not afraid to do so as she is well informed.

Mom Identity

Every mom has a brand. A momleader can clearly define their brand, embrace the new “brand” and have access to resources that would help them flourish. Her brand is her mom identity. She is confident in who she is as a mom whether at home, in the park, in the community or at work.

A momleader does not shy away from questions like: “so, what do you do?” or “Who are you?” or “Tell me about yourself”. She has put in the work to define herself and everyday she is developing herself to maintain her mom-identity.