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You are a natural multi-tasker – you honestly believe that you can seamlessly bounce from task-to-task quickly and cross-off items on your to-do-list faster.
You usually find it difficult to say NO to other – hence, have trouble setting boundaries and all anyone has to do is – ask you and you will make it happen. You jump at requests like: a friend’s yard sale, helping with the children’s last minute homework, a bake sale for fundraising, school board bbq parties or a friend who wants to meet up for coffee (or advice) – you jump at these requests over the tasks at hand.
You don’t like routines and complexities. You are so busy, you don’t even have time to write down all the things you have to do. Your 24hours is maxed out!

You are rather spontaneous when it comes to decision making.
People see you as disorganised, impulsive and having a lack of follow-through.
Besides not having the time to attend to your commitments, you often underestimate how long it takes to complete a task. Too many spinning plates will crash your creativity, and too few will cause you to be bored. You are most likely find it hard to stay focused, burn out from stress, overwhelm and exhaustion.


  • Understand that work-life balance is essential for you, your business and your family’s well being 

  • Know your Personal Core Values, goals and priorities

  • Embrace the Power of NO 

  • Create systems that will help you to manage tasks, eliminate distractions and improve follow-throughs

  • Track and Keep your energy up


Create your Flexible Schedule

Manage your time the FANTASTIC MOMLEADER Way!

  • ONLY 4 steps to creating your very own Flexible Schedule
  • Online 24/7 access – available to every mom, everywhere
  • ​Video format – friendly, short, engaging videos
  • Easily downloadable pdf’s and samples
  • Bonus content – powerful extra content to support and empower a Momleader
  • Action oriented – have a schedule by the time you finish the course
  • Designed by a former professional corporate time management trainer and packaged up in a system that is specifically created for a Mom that needs that flexibility in their life.​
  • Lifetime skill acquirement – there are few skills that cross multiple fields. The ability to manage your time will yield results for the rest of your life.

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