All moms love a secret recipe. Have you ever tried out a recipe you received from a friend. and it doesn’t taste like the amazing dish your friend had at her party or bbq. In my case, when I visit a fancy restaurant and my family loves the dish, I try to reproduce the dish. It is NEVER the same! The taste, the look and feel of it is different. Most times, I just give the dish a different name 🙂

As a momleader (her characteristic was described in my previous blog — Momleader is the Word!), a secret recipe is needed.

The recipe may not be your original recipe, but it has to be a recipe that would make you the


The “best you is very relative”.

What best means to you is different from what it means to someone else (even to your friend with great cooking skills!).

It is therefore important to define WHAT the BEST YOU look like? Make it as real as possible. You can get a similar picture off the internet or draw it out — whatever works for you. This will be the “standard” you will try to attain everyday.

The next thing is to determine HOW you will attain this BEST YOU.

There are so many resources out there you can use; just find the one that works for you!

A coach can help you through this process. A trainer can provide you with the resources. A mentor can help you with creating your “standard” and ensuring you meet it.

So, momleaders, don’t live life by default, but by design!

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