Online shopping is a great arsenal for all moms. The other day, I discovered this amazing fashion online store. I got some really lovely summer outfits at a great deal! Being so impressed with their fast delivery and quality, I decided to order some much needed outfits. I ordered this fancy kimono. It had great reviews and it was one size fits all. What could go wrong? When it arrived, it looked exactly like what was online and the quality was great. When I put it on, it was not a good fit. My initial reaction was ,”oh well”. But later as I looked at the fancy kimono, I realised that it was “one size fit all”.

How can one size fit ALL? Women have different body types! Don’t get me wrong, I have bought a “one size fits all” outfit that worked well in the past. The fact that it worked well for me, doesn’t mean that the same outfit worked well for someone else. Since I can’t afford to have all my outfits custom made, I will stick to something that comes in my size.

In life, in the area of health, family, career, emotional wellbeing, relationships etc; we cannot afford to use a “one size fits all” plan.

There are so many “one size fits all” resources out there — there are books, tapes, videos, workouts, developmental plans etc. We should use custom made programs as much as possible in our lives.

One on one coaching, training and mentorship are custom made programs we can use in our lives. Life is very important and we have just this one life to live! Let’s make the most of it. Let’s make our lives beautiful by using all these custom made programs to reach our goal and have a fulfilled life.

Remember, don’t live a life by default, live a life by design!

Live intentionally!!

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