And the winner is….


Before I announce the winner. This war between being a stay at home mom or being a working mom has been going on for a while. Way too long moms.

It is like there are two teams, the ones for the working moms and the ones for the stay at home moms. It is like team SAHM (Stay At Home Moms) vs Team WM (Working Moms).


The team WM looks down on the team SAHM as not living their lives to the fullest. They see stay at home moms as always cleaning, cooking and running after the children all day.


On the other hand, team SAHM looks down on team WM as the busy, exhausted moms who wouldn’t have time to cook for her children or even take them to the park.


Well, this is my answer and I am writing this blog because the two categories of moms are moms. I see so many new moms wondering which one they should be…my answer is be a….. MOM!!!


That doesnt quite answer it, right?!? Okay, so I will just go over five(5) issues that are the bone of contention between these two teams:


Being a Stay at Home doesn’t necessarily mean you are AT HOME ALL DAY ( You will definitely need to be out of the house every now and then so that you can get a life)

Career moms, can actually be at home as well – there’s such thing as work from home  (Hi, My Name is Nike Famojuro and that’s what I do and I love it; plus I show moms how to do that too!) or even working part time!



Yes, career moms come home exhausted, but the SAHM also is exhausted being “at home” – believe it or not.



Working Moms don’t always feed their children takeaways because they are too tired to cook – they meal prep or even have help from their partners! Newsflash, the Stay At Home Moms actually get too tired to cook at times and yes, they do feed their children takeaways



Well, being a Working Mom allows you to meet other people at work, but then again, being a Work from Home Mom also allows you to meet other mom-friends, plan play dates and even girls nights out.


5. The biggest one is this FULFILMENT:

Look, the word fulfilment is very relative – what is fulfilment for me will definitely not be fulfilment for you. If being a WOrking mom is going to make you fulfilled..PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE….and PLEASE do not be a miserable Stay At Home. If Staying At Home as a mom will make you fulfilled and you can’t quit your job because of financial reasons or fear – you care about what people would think or how you would cope – There are ways you can have a balance of both worlds. You can be a “Work From Home Mom”!


Bottom line is this, whatever you decide to do – Stay At Home Mom, Working Mom or even Work from Home Mom; do whatever makes you feel fulfilled, happy and what is best for your children.



Fellow Mom!

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