Do you want to TAKE CHARGE of your Time in 8 simple mom-friendly steps?

If you are a mom who just seems never to get time to do what you REALLY want to do;

this program is for you!

We understand you! You are struggling with your time –  the never-ending to-do list for your family, business or career, you’re juggling school drop offs, the after school events, the endless pile of laundry, keeping the house in order, and getting dinner on the table in time. Self-care? “What’s that?”

Have you been using sophisticated apps, online calendars and To-Do lists and it seems like you still can’t get a hang of your time…

Or you work from home and have so many great ideas for your business but you just don’t seem to get enough time to implement them;

You have tried too many times to create a morning routine you can stick to or even get your family to believe in…

Are you a career mom who has structure at work but can’t seem to translate this to the home front;

Do you find it hard to focus, deal with the many distractions or say ‘NO’…?

Or you are a stay at home who never seems to get time to just sit down or take time for self care.

Lets face it…all you really want is


And you are wondering, “How can I do this!”


This program is designed to help moms Take Charge of their Time so that they can use their time to do what they really love. This program is 8 weeks long and it focuses on mom-identity, mom-guilt, overwhelm, business, lifestyle or career goals and self care.

 TAKE CHARGE Program includes:

  • A personalized in-depth 1:1 coaching plan tailored to your exact life, business or career needs.
  • 8 x 90 minute 1:1 private coaching sessions over the course of 3 months through ZOOM video conferencing platform or any other platform that best suits your needs.
  • Complete 8 Module Training Program which will provide you with a structured, step by step plan that will help you master Time management once and for all.
  • Videos, Worksheets and Prep Forms for everything you need so that you can get the most from this coaching program
  • All of our sessions recorded for you to keep, so you have lifetime access to them, anytime and anywhere.
  • Unlimited message, phone and voice support because we know that being a mom comes with it challenges, we are always happy to chat with you!
  • Accountability and Feedbacks on anything relating to how you use your time and your goals! We want to see you achieve your goals.

It's time to Take your mom-identity, lifestyle, business or career dreams from the dreamworld to the realworld

Stop feeling like a circus act juggling the family needs while walking on a tight rope!
Get the tools you need to get started with balancing it well and effortlessly.

It is time to plan out your goals and achieve them!


What is your mom-identity – who are you as a mom?

Every mom has a mom-identity. Defining who we are after being a mom kind of get lost in the midst of all the daily activities. Take charge of your Time to establish who you are! – establish your mom-identity.


Are you living the life you dreamed of as a mom?!

You know you can only achieve that lifestyle you have always wanted, if you can only find the time to map everything out and pursue it. Take Charge of your Time to design and live the life you so desire


It is time to start or continue working on those dreams

What are those dreams that you have put in the back burner? Or are you currently working on your dreams but you just wish that you could do more? Take Charge of your Time so you can start living the dream!


Give your family the best of you and not the rest of you!

When was the last time you listened to what you really wanted? It is time to Take Charge of your Time so you can figure out what YOU want and care for YOU!

The TAKE CHARGE Program:

We want to help you:

We believe that a mom is more powerful than they think.  Motherhood teaches us so many skills from leadership to conflict management to financial planning; plus we discover our emotional and physical abilities we never knew existed in us.  Momleader wishes to harness all these abilities and life lessons in a positive way so that moms can live a life they love!

The best way to achieve this is by showing moms how they can Take Charge of their Time so that they can do what they REALLY want to do!

Nike Famojuro is a busy work-from-home mom with two spirited daughters –  (Four year old and Two year old). Nike loves to help moms rise above their limitations and  TAKE CHARGE of the Time in as little as 8 weeks.

Nike is the founder of the Momleader platform; a Lifestyle and Business Coach, Speaker and Mentor for 13 years . She is the author of 35 A-Ha MOMents – a light hearted journal of mom’ life lessons. She is also part of the John Maxwell Team. She was recently named one of  the Top 30 Vancouver Mom-Blogger 2019. 

She graduated with a law degree but has worked as  a Business Analyst (helping businesses to increase their sales), Trainer in the Banking Industry (Training staff on goal setting and time management) and has worked in so many non-profit organizations helping moms and young people to live a Life of Significance.

With her personal journey into motherhood, she has been able to find her mom-identity, bring her lifestyle and business goals from the dreamworld to the real world. She believes that moms have a gift to share with the world, but if they are so overwhelmed and tired, they won’t be able to show up for their family or even for the world. She also has helped so many moms from UK, Canada, USA and Nigeria to achieve that by Taking Charge of their time..

Most moms, think that motherhood is meant to be overwhelming, busy-busy and laden with mom-guilt and self doubt!

So, they forget about their dreams, they don’t pay attention to self care and they are constantly catering to the family needs including doing things like eating only the food that their family love or the leftovers.

What happens is that they feel unhappy and they dont know how to do anything about it…

They think:

“Oh well, this is motherhood…”

“I don’t want to speak up so that it doesn’t seem like I love my job or business more than my family…”

“One day these children will grow up and leave the house; I will just wait for that day…”

Luckily, that is not you, you know that being a mom is a blessing that should not hinder you from achieving your dreams or caring for yourself or give you time to define who you are and who you want to be.

Here's what you will achieve with the TAKE CHARGE Program...


You will have clearly defined goals. These are not just your family goals; but your personal goals – You will be able to answer the question :”What  do you want to do for you?”


Develop a morning routine and having a To Do list is all fancy and good. You will be able to create a personalized/’you-focussed’ routine and To Do list that works best to meet your needs and your family needs.


A personalized audit of your time to get rid/manage distractions once and for all. You will be able to see how you use your time and how best you can manage your 24hours


The right mindset when it comes to time. You will be able to identify where to put your energy in a day. Your mindset when it comes to Time will change and you will be able to get rid of overwhelm once and for all!


The main issue with mom guilt is how we use our time when it comes to our family. You will manage mom-guilt, embrace your tasks, enjoy your family and lead a happier life!


We lead very busy lives. Living in the moment – Mindfulness is an essential part of motherhood. You will learn and inculcate mindfulness so that you can enjoy the little loving moments with your family

Ready to TAKE CHARGE of your Time?

The first step in the TAKE CHARGE Program is to schedule a Free 30mins Coaching Session to understand your needs, show you what we offer and see if we will be a great fit for you and likewise.