Comparison is the thief of joy”

Theodore Roosevelt

Just as it is in every other sphere of life, the decision to be a leader in the workplace is a unique calling. For some, the workplace is the home and for others, their secular jobs. Neither of the 2 is superior or inferior to the other; however, dissatisfaction looms when we look at others with envy, through the lens of comparison. We are familiar with all the sayings from childhood, sayings that we even teach our kids, sayings designed to foster contentment and eliminate jealousy:

“The grass always seems greener on the other side!”

“Not all that glitters is gold!”

Nevertheless, we often catch ourselves wondering if our lives would be happier if we had a secular job to dress up and go to very early in the morning, plowing through traffic to go and meet a very demanding boss and insatiable customers, spending late hours to complete projects and returning exhausted through traffic and darkness to slump into bed and repeat the same routine the following day, always looking forward to the weekend. If you think about it, it doesn’t sound much like a recipe for happiness, does it?

In my experience, dissatisfaction arises when we fail to see the uniqueness and/or purpose of something, someone, or of an experience. Here are my thoughts on the joys of being a stay-home mum:

  1. You care mostly for people you already love
  2. Training requirements are instinctive
  3. You have time to explore your passions, interests, business ideas
  4. You can supplement your kids’ education with home schooling
  5. You don’t need to book limited vacation days
  6. You can attend workshops that pique your interest
  7. You can re-train for current job trends at your own pace

Written by Samuel Ambie-Barango

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