My Job Today is

To Teach You Proper Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills In 4 Steps With Supporting Worksheets & PDF’s.

Included Are Videos To Watch Over Nike’s Shoulder As She Shows You How.

Want To See Your Vision Come To Life? Yes? Me Too!

As a Momleader you deserve the very best tools and practices.
This is the key to everything you want to accomplish! Specifically for you. I can't wait to share these beautiful techniques with you and see you soar!

I have worked with moms around the world. As a mom entrepreneur, I understand how easy it is to lose sight of your dreams and sacrifice yourself. There is a better way!

Let me show you how multimillionaires and industry leaders achieve greatness using the same 24 hours we all have!

As a result of going through this training you will have the skills to build the life of your dreams.

You control your future!

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Nike Famojuro is a public speaker, trainer, lifestyle, business coach, and author. She is a wife, a mother of two and is the founder of Momleader.

Nike has worked as a corporate trainer and was training to become a lawyer when life took a beautiful turn and her journey as a wife and mother began. Born out of her own personal journey, Nike focuses on empowering women to recognize and own the influence they have in their homes and supports them to be leaders with clearly defined personal and family goals.

She was one of the Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers 2019. She can usually be found having a tea party with her girls, coaching highly successful clients or spending time working on her own passion and dreams.


Nike has been coaching talented, gifted, intelligent mom entrepreneurs for years. Most of their challenges could be reduced to one key issue:

Lack of Time

By creating this flexible time blocking training program, Nike is giving every mom the opportunity to honour their children, their family and their own soul.

"In under 2 hours of course time, you will have a skill that will change your life! This course is my way of supporting mom entrepreneurs succeed and get them started in maximizing their time."


To be with their children, to intimately be involved in their growth

To follow their own dreams

To bring in $$$ to the family bank account

These 3 goals defines who my clients are and the drive and passion that they embody.

However, if they do not manage their time well something will SUFFER, and it usually is my client or her dreams. I am often called in when the suffering is high.

I aim to end suffering and clear the path for my clients to achieve EVERYTHING they desire! My work is to support Momleaders and see them thrive!

As I have worked with clients and supported that vision it became crystal clear that the first step was providing time management discipline. Not sexy, but it is exactly what is needed. Every. Single. Time.

That is why I have created this skill training course. It is the first step on your way to everything you have ever dreamed of. Trust me, with the proper system in place you will accomplish anything you desire.

As a result of this training you will have the exact approach successful CEO’s and high productivity agents use to schedule their top priorities and maintain a successful home life in the process.

Now, Trust yourself to deliver. You just need the structure.

Using all of my research, experience and deep understanding of what successful multi millionaires use to ensure their lives do not suffer I have created one of the best time management starter kits, the Momleader Flexible Time Blocking system.

Our mission is to help 500,000 work from home moms to have access to resources, lessons, and tools that will help bring their mom-identity, lifestyle, business or career goals from the DreamWorld to the RealWorld.

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