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You love helping and working with others. You don’t like change, so you don’t welcome any change to your routines or systems. You tend to procrastinate either because you are paralysed by indecision or you enjoy the adrenaline rush for working on a tight schedule.
People consider you as being over-accommodating, indecisive and having tendency to avoid needed change.

When you have to start a new tasks, you might end up being slow to begin which will make you start until the last moment – this often causes stress, tension and even missed deadlines.
You don’t enjoy offending others, you take on too many tasks than you should. When you have have any objection, you tend not to speak up hence, not dealing with issues head on (and saving time)


    • Be aware of your wants and needs

    • Embrace the Power of NO. 

    • Be open to learning new and effective ways of doing things

    • Be more decisive on how you use your time


Create your Flexible Schedule

Manage your time Wonder Momleader Way!

  • ONLY 4 steps to creating your very own Flexible Schedule
  • Online 24/7 access – available to every mom, everywhere
  • ​Video format – friendly, short, engaging videos
  • Easily downloadable pdf’s and samples
  • Bonus content – powerful extra content to support and empower a Momleader
  • Action oriented – have a schedule by the time you finish the course
  • Designed by a former professional corporate time management trainer and packaged up in a system that is specifically created for a Mom that needs that flexibility in their life.​
  • Lifetime skill acquirement – there are few skills that cross multiple fields. The ability to manage your time will yield results for the rest of your life.

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