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Nike Famojuro loves engaging with both small and large audiences with people leaving great reviews. She loves reaching women and showing them the endless possibilities that they have access to. She speaks with so much energy, confidence and straight from the heart.

She loves making the most of time. She ensures her audience leaves with a great takeaway that makes the event, conference, workshop or program they’ve attended worth their while.

Some of the topics we cover are below (these are just some of topics, we are open suggestions).

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Some of the Topics we cover…

Mom Goals

It’s important to not live a life of regret but to take time to find out what is important to you (not just what is expected of you). We help moms align with their family mission and personal goals and deal with topics such as mom guilt, expectations, decision making, and dreams.

Time Management

We give moms a practical mom-friendly step by step plan for managing themselves and their precious time to achieve more in a day. From delegating, shortcuts and outsourcing, we cover organization, mindfulness and challenging time log.


Moms deal with mom guilt everyday. We help moms balance mom guilt while doing what is important to them and not what is expected of them. We love helping moms take a look at their personal goals, the meaning of guilt, and intentional self care.


Motherhood journey can make it seem as if moms have lost a bit of themselves. A clearly defined sense of mom-self is important for the growth of a family. We help moms with their mindset and “mom-identity”.


Nike Famojuro is a certified John Maxwell Trainer, Coach and Speaker. Leadership is influence and we are willing to provide your audience with tools to help them become better leaders.


Every Youth is a leader. We have tools, resources and lessons that would allow Youths to be better leaders and a great example both in their community and at home.

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